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 A Note on Copyright and Orphan Works

Fizzle Stock respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. Prior to publishing any content for sale or license (hereinafter “Materials”) on its website located at (“Website”), Fizzle Stock conducted a diligent and good faith search of all relevant copyright records and other information relating to the Materials in an effort to identify the current owner(s) of the Materials, if any. Following these diligent efforts, Fizzle Stock did not identify any records showing copyright or other intellectual property ownership in the Materials.

Fizzle Stock therefore, believes the Materials are either in the public domain or are Orphan Works.

Please contact us immediately if you believe you are the copyright owner of any Material(s) published on the Website; you may reach us at any of the following:

Telephone: (650)468-8032

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Most of the clip art available on this site was derived from Cobb Shinn catalogs circa the 1940s. However, a variety of other late 19th and early 20th century material was used as well.

Despite its efforts, Fizzle Stock cannot and does not guarantee that any Materials offered for sale or license on the Website are no longer subject to copyright protection. Moreover, copyright laws vary by country and jurisdiction.  

Fizzle Stock has diligently researched the copyright status of the Materials under U.S. Copyright Law. Because the Materials all appear to have been first published in the United States, 

Fizzle Stock has not researched or determined the copyright status of the Materials used on this site with respect to any other countries or jurisdictions and does not make any representations or warranties as to the non-infringement of any such material with respect to foreign copyright or other intellectual property protection.

This Note is solely intended to provide information about Fizzle Stock’s diligent research efforts, to offer contact information to be used by anyone who believes they may have a copyright interest in the Materials, [and to provide all known information about the origin of the Orphan Works]. This Note is not an admission of liability of any kind. Nothing in this Note should be construed as a waiver of any of Fizzle Stock’s rights under copyright law or any other laws, all of which are expressly reserved.