About Us

Fizzle Stock started after I purchased a collection of 1960s clip art catalogs on eBay for $54.33.

The catalog overflowed with classic American advertising illustrations.

We're talking about the same illustrations you see on 1940's toy packaging, cereal boxes and the little ads in the back of magazines in the 1950s.

Soon I noticed more of these same advertising packs popping up. I couldn't help myself. I started purchasing them on an almost daily basis.

Soon I had a collection of thousands of pieces of retro clip art.

I wanted to use these designs in my work for RetroSupply, but there were a few problems:

  1. The illustrations needed to be scanned, cleaned up in Photoshop, converted to vectors and then organized. 
  2. I didn't know if I could even use these images. Were they public domain?

I started by solved problem #2.

I packed nearly 10 lbs of old musty clip art catalogs into a cardboard box and shipped them to an intellectual property law firm in California.

Thousands of dollars later I had whittled my 10 lbs of retro clip art down to a smaller (but still quite large) collection of amazing clip art. This was perfect artwork to use in design projects (be sure to visit the license and copyright page to learn more about using these images in your work).

Finally, we meticulously converted this American commercial art into vector you can use in your work. Here's how we did it:

  1. Scan images at 600 DPI
  2. Clean up images in Photoshop
  3. Convert to vectors using premium vector conversion software
  4. Manually clean up vector work (i.e. eliminate excessive points, fill in lines, smooth corners)
  5. Color and make look cool (so you can get inspired by the images)

The result is a collection of high-quality retro vector art you can use for all sorts of purposes.

Here're just a few ways you can use Fizzle Stock images:

  • Small batches of throwback tees
  • Retro inspired websites
  • Mix images and type and screen print posters

Your imagination is the limit. These images are perfect for bringing an authentic touch of retro magic to your work. Plus, they save you the time of trying to create these images yourself or hiring a specialty illustrator.

We hope you'll use Fizzle Stock images to create some amazing stuff. We'd love to see what you create (so don't be shy – contact us and share the awesomeness!)


Fizzle Stock Founder